SP Tropin 10 IU

SP Tropin 10 IU


Brand: SP Labs, Moldova
Category HGH (human growth hormone)
Packaging: 10 vials x 10 iu

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SP Tropin 10 IU (Sp Labs HGH) – Is a Somatropin hormone with anabolic activity or in other words, it contributes to muscle growth . It is released in the form of vials for injection purposes. The HGH package has 10 vials. 1 HGH vial includes 10 IU (3,3 mg). It is a natural substance that is produced to stimulate physical growth inside a human body.

Effects of SP Tropin 10IU

Today, athletes use a variety of sports pharmacology, but drugs based on growth hormone occupy a separate niche. For a long time they were surrounded by a large number of myths, as they were used only by professionals. This is primarily due to the high cost of GH. However, today the situation has changed and you can buy SP Tropin 10iu in our store relatively cheap.

First we should note the main positive qualities of the drug:

Lipolysis processes are significantly accelerated.
It stimulates the hypertrophy processes of muscle tissues.
Body is rejuvenated.
The speed of regenerative processes is increased.
Satellite cells in muscle tissue are activated, that leads to an expansion of the genetic potential of mass gain.
Growth hormone has a large number of positive properties. However, in sports, the ones considered above are the most popular. Turning to our store, every athlete will be able to buy cheap anabolic steroids and other drugs.

Application and dosage of SP Tropin 10IU

Daily dosage of GH for amateurs is 5-10 units. In professional sports, SP Tropin 10IU can be used in higher doses. Growth hormone can be used solo or in combination with other types of pharma. For muscle mass gaining, the best choice will be Boldenone or prolonged Testosterone esters. Solo somatotropin for this task won’t be so effective.

Also, it can be used during the drying period. However, experienced athletes also prefer combinations here. Most often they use thyroid hormones. This combination is characterized by high power and is safe enough for the body. In order not to face side effects, it’s enough to follow all recommendations for use. It should be remembered that somatotropin is injected only on an empty stomach. If the maximum daily dose (10 units) is used, then it should be divided into two doses. The first injection must be made immediately after waking up on an empty stomach.

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